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Enrolment Checklist

  1. Are you a 3rd level or ATI student/graduate?
  2. Find out if you can get exemptions
  3. Get your original college transcripts or confirmation from your college
  4. Download the Enrolment application form
  5. Make your payment – do you know about our flexible payment option?

Filling out the Enrolment Form

If you’ve already checked your exemptions, or you aren’t expecting any, all you have to do is print out, complete, and return an Enrolment Form by post to: Admissions Unit, Chartered Accountants House, 47 – 49 Pearse St, Dublin 2, Ireland.

On the form you can choose what subjects you wish to take this year and what centre you’d like to study in, or choose to join the Distance Programme. For CAP 1 and CAP 2, you can either study all subjects or take them in pairs.

Please note that if you are starting at CAP 1 level and wish to initially take two subjects, one of those subjects must be Financial Accounting. The CAP 1 Law and Tax subjects are treated as “half-papers”, and taken together will equate to one full subject. If you’re based in Northern Ireland please tick the appropriate option for CAP 1 Tax and Law, and CAP 2 Taxation.

You’ll need to include proof that you are eligible to start – either your Exemptions Letter, or proof that you have a degree (either exam transcripts, a copy of your certificate, or letter from your college) or an Accounting Technicians qualification. Please note the programme is not open to students who reside outside the island of Ireland.

How To Pay

Make sure to include your payment details – we accept cheque and credit card. And remember, you only have to pay for the subjects you are taking each year.

To avail of our interest free instalment payment agreement please complete and return with enrolment form

A note about deadlines

Our official deadline for enrolling this year is 20 September. However, we will still be able to enrol students after this date. If you are planning to enrol after the 20th, you should get in touch and let us know.

Students who enrol after the 1st may experience delays in receiving their course notes and books before the course start date. However students are welcome to attend lectures while we are processing their applications.

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