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Exemptions – TOP 10 FAQ’s

If you are planning to study with Chartered Accountants Ireland this year you can check what exemptions you could be entitled to, and once this is confirmed, you can enrol on the course. All degree holders can start with us, and exemptions are generally awarded for Honours degrees in accountancy, finance, business, law, commerce, tax, and so on. If you aren’t expecting any exemptions, or have had them confirmed already, you can enrol with us by returning the Enrolment Form including proof of eligibility. To officially have your exemptions confirmed, you have to send in an exemptions form, with original transcripts. You can do this now, and there is no charge. We strongly recommend you clear your exemptions with us as soon as possible the process can take time to secure transcripts & complete the paperwork necessary. We are happy to announce that we have extended the exemptions application deadline from 31 July until 24 AugustWe know the colleges can take some time to get your transcripts sent out so don’t panic, you still have time to get your exemption application form into us.

1. How do I apply for exemptions?

There are a number of business and accounting degree programmes that have been formally accredited by Chartered Accountants Ireland for exemptions. If you have completed one of the accredited degree programmes, you can apply for exemptions by submitting the Exemption Form along with original transcripts of results for each year of study. We strongly advise submitting your form straight away if you are actively considering to study with us this year.

2. My university/college and/or degree programme is not on the list. Can I still apply for exemptions?

Yes. If you are studying at a university (in Ireland or overseas) or for a programme that has not been accredited, you may still be eligible to claim exemptions depending on your degree (2.ii honours or better) and the modules passed. To make an application for exemptions please submit an Exemption Form and also include: 1. Original transcripts of results for each year of study 2. Module descriptors for each relevant module 3. Sample examination papers for each relevant module.

3. I have completed the Accounting Technicians Ireland qualification. Can I claim exemptions?

Yes. Accounting Technicians graduates may be eligible to apply for exemption from 3 out of 5 papers in the CAP1 (first year) exams – Financial Accounting, Taxation and Law for Accountants. To make an application for exemptions, please submit the Exemption Form along with your examination results from 1st and 2nd year.

4. My transcripts will not be available before the exemption application closing date. Can I still apply for exemptions?

Yes. A provision is made for students who sit college exams in the autumn. Such applicants should hold off submitting any documentation until they receive their final transcript of results. When you have received your final transcripts please submit the Exemption Form along with original transcripts of results for each year of study.

5 I have a non-business degree / My previous study doesn’t entitle me to any exemptions. Can I still apply?

Yes. Graduates from many different backgrounds study with Chartered Accountants Ireland and perform well in exams and go on to successful careers. You can apply to join the CAP 1 (first year) programme please submit the Enrolment Form including including proof of your degree or ATI certificate.

6. Where do I send in my application for Eligibility for Entry/Exemptions? How much does it cost?

There is no fee to check your exemptions. Please post your completed application form and original transcripts to: Admissions Unit Chartered Accountants Ireland Chartered Accountants House 47 – 49 Pearse St Dublin 2. Please note we can only accept hard copy formal transcripts.

7. When should I know what exemptions I have been awarded?

Students will receive a notification by letter within two weeks of making their application. It may take longer if the submitted application is not complete.

8. How do I get my Chartered Accountants Ireland student number?

Your individual student number will be printed on your exemption confirmation letter. You should quote this number on all subsequent correspondence with Chartered Accountants Ireland, for example, when you send in your Enrolment Form including proof of your degree or ATI certificate.

9. What are external examinations?

It is possible for students who are in their graduating year in university to take some or all of the CAP1 exams as an external candidate prior to formally registering with Chartered Accountants Ireland. Students who successfully pass an external exam will be exempted from further examinations in the subject. If you need further information please get in touch.

10. Who can I talk to?

If you have any queries regarding the exemptions process submit your details below and we will get in touch with you.

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